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With 30 years of experience and deep-rooted passion, we are pioneers in handmade and tailor-made music in advertising, film and moving image.
The sound brand "Einfach Mensch Sein"

The collaboration initially began as a workshop designed for the Barmenia Family team, focused on the topic of sound branding. This workshop eventually evolved into a deep and meaningful partnership, taking us back to the basics of music production – handcrafting a song that embodies the very essence of humanity that Barmenia seeks to promote across all touchpoints of their campaigns.

With the title “Timbre Cyan,” the fruit of our labor, “Einfach Mensch sein,” was unveiled as the official brand song and sound brand, perfectly capturing the essence of Barmenia’s message.


This song not only adds a new acoustic dimension to Barmenia’s branding, but also makes an important contribution to current pop culture. With Universal as a distribution partner, “Einfach Mensch sein” is available on all digital platforms incl. Dolby Atmos. Have a listen!

Making of "Einfach Mensch Sein"

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The Story behind "I'll Take Care Of You"

The heartwarming song “I’ll Take Care Of You” has been traveling around the world for several years and can be heard in the most beautiful NIVEA commercial ever: “Mama”. Our song was recorded at EastWest Studios in L.A. and at nhb studios in Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

“We are especially pleased that the song is a worldwide success. It has been translated into 10 languages and works everywhere in the world. This shows that it conveys exactly what NIVEA stands for,” says Jörg Grünwald, VP Marketing Germany & Coordination Europe at Beiersdorf.

In 2016, the NIVEA Creme team flew in singer Baraka May and the nhb crew for an internal event. In a customized workshop, the team of international brand managers created their very own version of the song. The event was a hit and soon the music spread like wildfire.

Making Of "I'll Take Care Of You"

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The Sonic Identity of NIVEA MEN

Germany is not the only country NIVEA has established itself as a synonym for skin cream in – NIVEA calls the shots on skincare and beauty products internationally as well. And men certainly aren’t excluded from their spectrum of products. 

For their global relaunch of all NIVEA (sub-)brands, nhb music was commissioned to come up with a new soundlogo for NIVEA MEN.
The challenge: bringing the (skin)-care aspect together with modernity and masculinity in a brand new sound embodiment. 

At the forefront of the creative process: confidence and energy. Or as the new claim reads – “It starts with you”.

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The sound of Burger King

The concept/idea of a „Time-tunnel“-campagne was genius: a time-travel through Burger King’s history, all the way from it’s starting Point in 1950 to the present.

It was our Mission to create a brand new sound- logo as well as a campaign song which would mirror and resemble not only all the different stages and decades of Burger Kings journey, but also stay true to its origins.

The typical genres of all the portrayed decades clearly differ – in terms of the music itself but also the instrumentation of it all. Instead of trying to merge all sorts of genres we’ve composed a song that gives each one of them its own space and arrangement making the entire end-product extremely special.

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The sound of a brand that keeps breaking all the rules. "Yippieeh Yeah Yeah, Yippieh Yippieeh Yeah!“
The sound of success.


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