Sonic Identity


BMW: The sound of sovereignty. Two strikes on an anvil. A long finish. Space. Grandeur.

Hornbach: The sound of success. The sound of a brand which always breaks all the rules. „Yippieeh Yeah Yeah, Yippieh Yippieeh Yeah!“

The challenge here is not to translate the brand into a sound, but rather to create a trademark.

In order to create a successful corporate sound, there are three components which must come together:

  • the core of the brand
  • an intelligent strategy
  • fantastic sound design

That is exactly our objective: to inspire people with the brand’s message. Through sound. Get in touch!

What is Sonic Identity?

The human brain processes millions of sensory impressions every second and our hearing plays a very central role in this process. Unlike images, sound is directly linked to our emotions and memories. Our eyes only open after birth, but our ears are already active in the womb.

On average, the human heart beats 72 times a minute, over this same period we inhale and exhale 18 times. Our natural rhythm is therefore a 4/4 beat. But whatever the rhythm, it is the harmony of sounds which moves us.

A sonic identity creates a direct link between the brand and the customer’s emotions, which a purely visual Corporate Identity can never equal. 

We look for the DNA of the brand, which should be recognisable at all points of contact.

A successful sonic identity rises above those of the competition.



Let’s come together in our virtual studios and conference rooms to collaborate. Brilliant technology naturally connects us here as well.“

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